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Emilia is an accomplished Senior Technology Business Leader with more than 15 years of success in the tech industry. Leveraging extensive comprehension of and talent for customer success transformation, Emilia is a valuable asset for tech, e-retail, recruitment, HR, communications, and telecom industries seeking expert assistance with digital transformation, building a customer success team from scratch, customizing professional services packages, creating company cultures, and putting effective operations and processes in place.  

Emilia quote saastrHer key areas of expertise include customer success, communication, application deployment, account expansion, analytical thinking, customer marketing, and strategic planning. She is skilled at structuring, building and scaling post-sales customer experiences through implementation, methodology, professional services, customer & channel partner success, renewals & expansion, communities, net promoter score (NPS), and Voice of Customer (VoC). Emilia is an active blogger and speaker on everything having to do with customer relations, building culture, and scaling SaaS.

Emilia is the Vice President at Qordoba, a SaaS solution that provides localization for humans and machines. Its technology allows users and machines to interact with and extract intention from natural language and data. She spent three years prior at WalkMe™ as Vice President of Customer Engagement. She built the customer success team from scratch, and within one year, WalkMe™ had 35 people on the team across 4 global locations. The team won a 2016 Stevie’s Customer Service Award and Emilia was recognized as one of “top-25 Customer Success Influencers” two years in a row.  Strong business acumen to maximize customer loyalty, satisfaction, retention, and profitability have been key to Emilia’s leadership success. Previously, Emilia worked as Director, Customer Success for Jobvite, a recruiting site customer-satisfaction business that grew from 15 customers to 1500 in over 5.5 years. She has worked for global companies in Denmark, Canada, France, Italy and the USA.

Emilia quote 2Emilia holds an MBA, Business Administration, Management, and Operations, with Honors Distinction, from Saint Mary’s College of California. She obtained a Bachelor of Arts, Canadian Studies major, History minor, from the University of British Columbia. Emilia holds a Fundraising Board Member at a public middle school in San Francisco; she has made a lifetime commitment to supporting the Public School system because it was those teachers who had the largest impact on her growth. In addition, Emilia is on the Community Advisory Board (CAB) for SuccessHacker and Crowdvocate. She is a two-time former Board member for Monterey Heights in San Francisco. She also served as a CODiE 2017 SIIA (Software and Information Industry Association) Judge across six global technology companies specializing in eCommerce, Customer Success Management Solution, and Collaboration Solution companies. Lastly, Emilia is a frequent judge for Customer Success and Women in Technology Stevie Awards.

Specializing in building customer success teams, customer operations, CRM, and strategic customer marketing programs. Specialities include:

  • Scaling Global Customer Success Teams
  • Partner Programs: Building and Scaling
  • Onboarding Programs: Employees and Customer
  • Professional Services: Teams and Packages
  • Net Promoter Scores (NPS): Building and Measuring
  • Global Business Strategy: Competition & Cooperation Analysis
  • Technology and Systems Guidance: Support, CRM & Applicant Tracking Systems
  • Human Capital: Culture, Staffing/Hiring, Team Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Managing & Leading Global Organizations (Experience in Europe, India, Thailand, North America, Australia  and New Zealand)

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